RedBridge Web App

RedBridge is a Australian marketplace for teachers and education providers. We were faced with challenge to display as many courses on this site so I've added suggestive course when they start search, added different section for new course and 1 top course from each category which hasn't represented else where for homepage.

We have build lot of UI patterns to make the web application stand out. One of the biggest challenge was to add diverse range of course using single form that have variables like - may or may not have fixed date, - may have range of date, - may have few time slots on singe day - location may be not fixed - time is fixed but location is not - location is fixed but time may not - could be in different service category - offer from one location - offer to every one in Australia This is MVP and we are testing lot of variables here, project was divided in milestones, branding and colors were developed, then UI in Sketch, invision /p>